MP5 to MP5SD Conversion

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MP5 Conversion to SD


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During checkout, please ensure that you select an FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) that permits suppressor transfers (SOT). Failure to do so may result in an additional $25 processing fee for us to arrange an eligible FFL on your behalf.
Military and LEO, please contact us to claim your 5% discount.

Conversion from a traditional MP5 Standard to MP5SD integrally suppressed system;


  • 12″ Defcon4 SD Suppressor
  • Ronin Arms MP5SD ported barrel
  • SD barrel shroud, standard SD shroud cover
  • SD cocking tube
  • SD cocking tube support
  • SD  rubber sealing ring
  • SD front sight with sling loops
  • 120 degree SD locking piece

Conversion process:

  • Move factory MP5 barrel and cocking tube
  • Install Ronin Arms MP5SD ported barrel
  • Hand- fit new SD barrel shroud and cocking tube
  • Tig weld barrel shroud, cocking tube, and front sight with proper alignment
  • Coat firearm  in HK black factory finish
  • Reassemble and test fire prior to returning to customer.

*MP5 to MP5SD conversion. We do not offer MP5-K conversions.



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